Affiliate Academy Pro Refund Policy
** Hi please understand we have a refund policy for a reason and its because we don't promote get rich quick schemes and if our training is followed results are possible. This is an online business not a get rich quick scheme. 
Once you have sent us all the details we need you will be refunded within 14 days depending on your country and bank. **
Affiliate Academy Pro comes with a 30 day ACTION money back guarantee as long as action was taken.
 The member has logged into the training at least once. (We can check this)
The member has watched at least 80% of the training. (We can check this)
The member has joined the private Facebook group & asked for help when needed. (We can check this)
The member must provide proof that they started at least one conversion campaign. (Must show proof of advertisements over $100 USD spent)
The member has made an effort to Start a ClickFunnels account and import the "Share funnels" provided inside the course resources.
If your Facebook account or any other advertising account gets banned that's not grounds for a refund. It's not our responsibility that your advertising account got banned and you can simply get this back by appealing.
If you've made an honest attempt. This means you put effort in over the 30 day period.
If the member has any problems with the course or support issues they must make an honest attempt to go into the private Facebook group and ask for support or send a support ticket to 
An example of an “honest” attempt would be applying work over a FULL 30 day period and participating in the training and the Facebook group.

A dishonest attempt would be waiting till day 29 and then quickly throwing your campaigns together, clicking through the videos and aimlessly sending ads to your landing page.

We are extremely lenient on this and as long as you put in some sort of genuine effort we are more than happy to issue your refund.
We have this guarantee to protect the value of our information and coaching. It our responsibility to train you and coach you to the best our efforts. It is your responsibility to apply the training and coaching.
If you do not get results after applying, then it is our fault and we will happily refund you instantly.
If you do not apply the training it is unfortunately your fault.
As long as you intend to use this program and do the bare minimum above you you have absolutely zero risk.

You must send proof of the above before a refund is given. 

If the above is not done we will NOT refund! 

We don't offer refunds after the refund period no exceptions. After 30 days the payment is transferred to our bank account and it's not refundable. You MUST send proof of the above to be refunded. You must send proof that you implemented what we teach.

Once again this IS NOT a get rich quick scheme and although we provide training you still need to work and take action to get results. We are helping you build a long term business, not make you a millionaire by next week.

Refunds can take up to 30 days depending on your bank and country,

Our policy is linked on all our landing pages and it's up to you to do your due diligence before purchasing products. We also state on our landing pages that action needs to be taken in order to get a refund. This is a portion of that "If you do this program and DON'T get the results you were looking for we will gladly give you a full refund" "This is an action based policy and action will need to be taken."

This means you actually need to take action and we have this in place to stop piracy as well. We have this in place to stop people joining our program and downloading the videos then asking for a refund. We are not responsible if you purchase our products without looking at our policies and terms. Our 30 day guarantee is if action has been taken.